Embassy of the Republic of Burundi in Pretoria, South Africa

Burundian Embassy

Burundi Embassy in Pretoria runs an inclusive range of consular services to local, Burundian, and international citizens in South Africa.

Burundi Embassy in Pretoria supports South African citizens through its consular services, if they:

  • Need general or specific info regarding Burundian economy, culture, sports, education and more
  • Need information regarding requirements and process of getting Burundian Citizenship
  • Specific contacts and information in Burundi
  • Want to apply and obtain Burundian Visa

Burundian representations in South-africa

Burundi Embassy in Pretoria is the only Burundian diplomatic mission in South-africa.

South African representations in Burundi

South African Embassy in Bujumbura is the only South African representation in Burundi

History of Relations

South Africa and Burundi established diplomatic relations on 23 June 1995.